Bishop of the Twelfth Episcopal District

of the AME Church



Presiding Elder of the

Little Rock/Jonesboro District




Ministry Staff 2022.png

Rev. Jeff Carr, a "Son" of Union returned home after retiring from active ministry. He serves on the ministry staff leading devotion, presenting church for the Youth, special interest workshops for our Seniors, preaching the word and assisting the Pastor in many ways. Rev. Carr serves on many levels of the AME Church.

Rev. Charles Frost, Sr., also a "Son" of Union returned home after retiring from active ministry. He serves on the ministry staff leading devotion,  and assisting the Pastor in many ways. Rev. Frost serves as Registrar for Jackson Theological Seminary and is involved on many levels of the AME Church.

Sis. Cynthia Horton is a licensed Exhorter for the church. She is Union's "Prayer Warrior", teaches the beginner Sunday Church School Class and serves as the Class Leader Council Chairperson.

Sis. LaTorria Boykins serves a one of the (Youth of Union) Church (formally Children's Church). She brings exciting and educational lessons that our relevant to the youth. Ms. Boykins serves as the YPD Director at Union as well as the Arkansas Conference Lay Organization President.

Jason Smedley brings innovative, relatable lessons to the Youth of Union during Sunday Worship Service. His lessons are designed to reach the youth where they are and make them think of ways to live as young Christians living in today’s world. He also serves our country as a US Marine. We are thankful for his service to Union and to our Country.


Below are all of the ministers who served as pastor of Union.  We thank God for these trailblazers whose contributions have made Union what it is today.

REV. H. A. PETTUS   (1915-1916)   REV. J.D. HOWELL (1916-1920)   REV. F.L. BOVEY  (1920-1921)    

REV. T.H. ROBINSON  (1921-1922)   REV. W.S. SHELTON  (1922-1924)   REV. E.J. LUNON (1924-1927)  

REV. E.T. WATERFORD (1927-1930)   REV. L.O. GRADY (1930-1932)   REV. R.C. HOLBROOK  (1932-1934)   

REV. H.T. PRIMM (1934-1935)   REV. T.S.J. PENDLETON (1935-1936)   REV. H.A. LEADER  (1936-1937)   REV. L.C. FISHER (1937) REV. W.T. ESKRIDGE  (1937-1938)   REV. L. O. GRADY   (1938-1939)    REV. G.W. BLACKMON  (1939-1941)  

REV. J.H. LEWIS (1941-1942)   REV. J.B. SHUMPERT  (1942-1944) REV. H. RALPH JACKSON  (1944-1947)   

REV. W.P. WEDDINGTON (1947-1948)   REV. Z.Z. DRYVER  (1948-1961)   REV. S.C. THORNTON  (1961-1964) 
REV. C. W. CONE  (1964-1968)   REV. H.D. BROOKINS (1968-1970)   REV. J. GILBERT BLAKE  (1970-1971)  

REV. J.J. BROWN  (1971-1981)   REV. EUGENE BRANNON (1981-1991)   REV. N. C. IRVIN  (1991-1998)  

BISHOP F. H. TALBOT (INTERIM-1998)   REV. RANDOLPH W. MARTIN  (1998-2007) REV. NOLAN WATSON  (2007-2011)                           REV. CHESTINE SIMS (2011-PRESENT)